Tuesday, May 25, 2004

bin Laden family to build world's tallest twin towers in Dubai

Alternet is carrying a frightening Pacific News Service story that the bin Laden construction family has just received a contract to build the world's tallest twin towers in Dubai.

Even the Arab sources cited were troubled by the symbolism of all of this. Were the bin Ladens or their clients trying to signal that Dubai was to replace New York as the business capital of the world? Why were twin towers chosen as the design? And what is the symbolism behind selecting the bin Ladens, whose infamous relative Osama destroyed the New York towers, to complete the construction?

The Saudis royal and bin Laden troubling business ties with the Bush family have been a frequent topic in this blog. (related articles: 1 2 ).

The bin Ladens in the U.S. on 9/11 should have been interviewed by the FBI. Instead, the Bush Administration arranged a special charter flight out of the country while the FAA grounded all other flights.

The Bush family has vital business interests with the Saudi royals and the bin Ladens, and after 9/11 those interests still trumped national security. It seems joint business ventures between the Saudis and the Bushes are where the Bush family makes most of its money. So the bin Ladens got a "get out of the U.S. free" card.

One way to think about the bin Laden family cartel is as a mafia, with Osama bin Laden and the terrorist fanatics he controls as the enforcers. It can't hurt business if clients think Osama is less likely to bring down a building if it's built by The Family.

These people should be investigated under anti-terrorism and anti-organized crime laws, not given special privileges denied to everyone else.

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