Friday, May 21, 2004

Bush's Saudi friends promise more oil in time for November

The Saudis and the strategic importance of oil have been a favorite subject of this blog. (see article).

Previously, we reported (see article) that Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the US, had promised to help Bush win re-election by lowering oil prices.

Oil impacts the economy, and the economy has often determined the outcome of Presidential elections.

As described in previous posts, the Saudis maintain a strategic capability to turn on the oil spout at any time. They certainly have the capability to try to use oil to influence the US economy, and with it the general election in November.

Democrats are asking their supporters this week to point out how much money Bush's old oil buddies are making off the current shortages.

It's looking like Bandar is coming to Bush's rescue however: now that his buddies in the oil industry have had their fill, he hopes the gift from his Saudi friends will deliver enough of a stimulus to the US economy to deliver him victory in November.

The economy only predicts Presidential elections 80% of the time.

20% of time, the American public focuses on other issues, such as the complete departure from traditional American norms of international behavior and plain common sense often exhibited by ths Administration. This election will likely be one of those times.