Saturday, May 15, 2004

Explosive breaking news: Bush Administration denies New Yorker Article

Bloomberg News has just reported that the DOD has completely denied the New Yorker article on its website. The New Yorker article, previously mentioned in this story suggests Bush and Rumsfeld approved of the use of torture techniques in Iraq that clearly violated the Geneva Convention.

This isn't going to be pretty, folks.

The New Yorker article rings like the truth. These people do operate in this manner, and at this point in the scandal the New Yorker would be too concerned about its reputation to publish something this explosive if did not believe the charges were true.

The Administration has denied an article from a highly respected journalist revealing an out-of-control intelligence operation authorized at the highest level of the Administration.

Given our history, the Press and many established Americans previously neutral to the Administration are likely to feel their liberty personally threatened by false denials of widespread extra-legal intelligence operations.

It is likely the Administration will eventually be brought down in the coming months by this.

As we are at war, in the interests of stability I can only hope this happens with the elections in November and not sooner.

There had been speculation, admittedly confinded to the liberal side, that Bush might decide to withdraw his candidacy prior to the Republican convention in view of the scadal.

This is southern Calfornia.