Friday, May 28, 2004

Fruits of Terrorism: Talk Radio Hate Crime Vandalism Part 2

Here is the promised vandalism photograph from my last post:

Pragmatism and common sense are one of the threads that links together all of the world's great nations, past and present. Americans, in particular, were traditionally famous for their practicalility and common sense.

Indeed, our democracy depends on rational discourse to function optimally. Terrorism seeks to undermine that democracy and practicality by inflamming violent passions on all sides.

With the beheading of Nick Berg, the terrorists succeeded in arousing those passions, as the above photo proves.

With an eye on the upcoming elections (and a need to counterbalance unfavorable news from Iraq) local conservative groups (and, yes, our local conservative AM talk radio stations) also found the beheading politically useful. They have made themselves the terrorists' unwitting accomplice. One sees similar things in other countries that have experience with terrorism.

By recognizing what is happening, however, there is some chance we may yet reverse terrorism's ill effect on our national psyche.