Saturday, May 15, 2004

New Yorker story says Rumsfeld approved Iraq abuse

The New Yorker has a compelling article on its website today.

Famed journalist Seymour Hersh cites government intelligence officials that say Rumsfeld was deeply involved in approving the severe treatment used in the Iraqi prison.

CIA officials were reported upset that the CIA's most secret, elite interrogation techniques for true "high-value" targets in the war on terror would now be used against "cabdrivers" and people pulled off the street in random Iraqi raids.

This was supposedly part of Rumsfeld long-term strategy to wrest control of intelligence from the CIA and to eliminate all legal constraints from intelligence gathering.

This is consist with my earlier exclusive story in these pages on Pentagon military intelligence government contractors now active in the U.S.:

>I've had my own experiences. Not with "media censorship", but with appears to have been
>a sophisticated, very high-tech campaign of grass-roots, electronic
>disinformation from a U.S. government contractor
>working for the Pentagon (shades of the
>prison abuse scandal again --- no evidence he was or wasn't involved
>in that, although he lives in the same community that had contractors
>involved in scandal, and has other superficial resemblances. My guess is, unlike
>the contractors implicated in the scandal, this particular contractor spent
>most of his time working in the U.S.)

>Was this very highly-paid contractor engaged in this sophisticated
>grass roots disinformation campaign out of hiw own accord for partisan political
>reasons, or was he working on behalf of the government?

I've yet to give the details of this story, exclusively here, and will be writing much more on this topic in a future column.

Undoubtedly the scoops in this important and compelling New Yorker article will be making headlines in other newspapers for some days to come.