Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Think tank concludes al-Qaida ranks swelling

Reuters has an article on an IISS report that al-Qaida ranks are swelling internationally.

The London-based IISS is the world's most respected foreign policy think tank outside of the United States. They conclude, as some experts had warned prior to the warn, that the Iraq war has swelled the ranks of al-Qaida internationally and that U.S. unilateralism has deeply divided the once-formidible global anti-terror coliation that formed following 911.

They also conclude that 500,000 troops would be needed to police and stabilize Iraq. This is similar to the earlier 450K estimate by the Rand Corporation, a military think-tank sponsored by the U.S. military. (related article: 1).

The conclusions of a number of bi-partisan and highly respected foreign policy think tanks are considerable at odds with Bush Administration prophesies. These think tanks have a history of being right when they've disagreed with the Bush Administration. It's important that public understand this so that it can make correct decisions in the upcoming elections.

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