Tuesday, May 25, 2004

This blog banned in China

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My last article (here) briefly mentions activities of the Chinese government.

There have also been other articles on the theory of freedom of the press, and why censorship benefits ruling cliques at the expense of the rest of society (articles: 1 2 3).

I was thought we might get some comments from readers in China on these and other articles. After all, over 250 million Chinese people reportedly speak good English, and a rising middle class there has access to the Internet.

However, we get absolutely no hits from China.

Now I know why. (See icon and link above)

Blogspot.com, our ISP, and other blogging sites are blocked in China. Blogspot.com has been blocked since January 2003.

What's the nuclear-armed Chinese government afraid of?

http://dear-free-world.blogspot.com, among many others, that's what.

Censorship of the press (and Internet) is obviously a big problem in China.

Unfortunately, China is not the only P5 member of the UN Security Council very interested in press censorship of late.

"There ought to be limits to freedom" -- then-candidate for US President George W. Bush, famously responding to an Internet parody site. Since then, a variety of prominent Americans, including PBS filmmaker Ken Burns, filmmaker Michael Moore, and even some prominent CBS anchors have blasted a growing "culture of censorship" in the U.S. under the Bush Administration (article). I'd prefer if the U.S. didn't try to emulate the communists.