Monday, June 14, 2004

Cooperation between Islamic and West urged, or, Islamic leaders call for globalism

Pakistani News Service is reporting here that the President of Turkey has called for increased dialogue between the Islamic World and the West at both bilateral as well as institutional levels to "earn a rightful place on the international stage."

Separately, the BBC is reporting here that Organization of Islamic Conference Secretary-General Belkeziz denounced "the extensive backwardness of the Islamic world", and told foreign ministers from the 57 member nations that "The aggregate gross domestic product of all our member states remains lower than that of one single advanced country such as France or Britain." "Fanatics have seen in this an opportunity to commit odious and reprehensible acts..."

Belkeziz called for "wide reaching reform around the world to address the situation."

Sounds good to me. (They are effectively supporting globalism.)

It's sort of what I've been saying in these pages all along --- greater international trade and economic development in that part of the world are the key to halting the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. (See my comments on globalism at the end of my comments here in the Dubai Towers Thread.