Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Florida Recount 2004?

Well, the UK Independent newspaper has an article (here about how Florida is at it again.

Recall that right before the President Election in 2000, the Florida Secretary of State in Governor Jeb Bush's Florida (President Bush's brother) ordered a massive purge of the voter rolls.

Florida law doesn't allow convicted felons to vote, but the databases used in the purge were massively inaccurate, and purged tens of thousands of people who weren't felons. These people where then wrongfully denied the right to vote. Curiously, these people mainly lived in very heavily democratic districts. After the Florida recall debacle, of course, all of this because highly controversial. AFAIK no other state had these purges, no other state wrongly denied tens of thousands the right to vote that day, and no other state was within 500 votes of decided the Presidency.

In 2004, Florida is again in play. If the Independent's article can be believed, they've again ordered a massive purge of the voter database in Jeb Bush's Florida just in time for the President election in November, and once again it seems tens of thousands of people will be wrongly purged (mainly Democrats again).

If you're registered to vote in Jeb Bush's Florida, please check with the Secretary of State well in advance of the election to make sure you haven't been wrongfully removed from the voter registry.