Friday, June 18, 2004

Latest beheading video especially graphic

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Most recent update: 2004/07/17: Record Internet Traffic Due to Gory Video Resurfacing.

Most recent related story: 2004/07/15 (and later updates): Bulgarian captive beheading video released to Al Jazeera.

EARLIER UPDATE: 2004/06/26 14:27 PDT (GMT-7) Breaking News: Next Video? Al Queda in Iraq threatens to behead three captured Turks

Original June 18th Post:

It seems the latest beheading video (of contractor Paul Johnson) is especially graphic.

I hope this means I won't be seeing more right-wing vandalism (photo) in response to this beheading as there was the last time.

Some of these groups have indicated one of their aims is to see Bush relected (post), and that may be one of their aims with these beheadings and videos. UPDATE 2004/06/20: There is a heavily tracked story today (here) about an article in the British Guardian citing a senior US intelligence official who also believed that Al Queda may be attempting to influence the US election.

EARLIER UPDATE 2004/06/22 10:30 AM: Terrorists have released a videotape of the beheading of South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il.

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