Monday, June 21, 2004

Next beheading video? South Korean Kim Sun-il taken hostage.

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Most recent update: 2004/07/17: Record Internet Traffic Due to Gory Video Resurfacing.

Most recent related story: 2004/07/15 (and later updates): Bulgarian captive beheading video released to Al Jazeera.

EARLIER UPDATE: 2004/06/26 14:27 PDT (GMT-7) Breaking News: Next Video? Al Queda in Iraq threatens to behead three captured Turks

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Earlier Update: Breaking News 2004/06/22 10:30 AM PDT (GMT-7). A videotape showing the beheading of South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il has been released by Iraqi militants, and his body has been recovered by Iraqi police, Reuters reported seven minutes ago.

So they did it.

Original June 21 Post:

The top news at the moment in the meanstream media is that Al Queda is threatening to kill the South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il (Reuters) and presumably make a gruesome propaganda video out of him the same they did of Paul Johnson.

As I've written about in comments to an earlier post, Al Queda's purpose in producing these beheading video tapes is, once again, to fog our reason by making us angry. Angry American do irrational, destructive things (story with photo here).

Short of caving in to the terrorists (and thus inciting more violence by demonstrating weakness), there is no short-term solution to this problem. Without a major break in the Saudi investigation, Kim Sun-il is effectively already a victim.

There are longer term solutions. We Americans must carefully study our enemy so that may deal intelligently and shrewdly with it. (Simply using larger bombs, as one commenter on this site suggested, is not a solution. If it were, we would have tried this long ago.) We must also effectively address the root causes of terrorism.

Fortunately, we have a long tradition of American diplomacy to draw upon, starting with perhaps our nation's shrewdest founding father, Benjamin Franklin. Dr. Franklins' diplomatic victories in France astounded the British and likely had more to do with the founding of this nation than Washington's military successes ever did.

Al Queda wants to make us angry because, once again, angry American do foolish, destructive things (story with photo here). Let's not fall into that trap. Let's deal with our enemies, as Al Queda itself has advised its own followers in Koranic language, with wisdom rather than with force whenever possible.

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