Friday, June 18, 2004

Updates to beheading story. (Beheaders killed; US lawmakers criticize Saudis; Johnson family defends Saudis)

This is an update to the heavily-followed earlier story posted here on the behading in Saudi Arabia. Since that was posted a little over two hours ago, there has been considerable movement in the story.

UPDATE: It is being widely reported (including the American ABC Network) and BBC News that Saudi officials are reporting that they have killed the leader and second-in-command of the terrorism group responsible for the beheading as they were trying to dispose of the body.
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UPDATE2: CNN is reporting that some U.S. lawmakers on the hill have responded to today's events by denouncing Saudi Arabia as a kingdom that has allowed terror to thrive.

UPDATE3: Reuters is reporting that the Johnson family has issued a statement (perhaps in response to comments on the Hill) saying the killers do not represent Saudis.

Clearly, this story continues to break.