Wednesday, June 16, 2004

WANTED: Gay Muslim Fundamentalist Extremist for blog Interview/Debate, or Hazel Flagg/Racketeer/Nothing sacred (1929 cinema) revisited (HUMOR)

WANTED: Gay Muslim Fundamentalist Extremist for blog debate/interview. Must hate America and use frequent stock phrases such as "DEATH TO AMERICA." Tutelage under bin Laden or similar villain very desirable, but not required. Must be gay or have equal sensationalism shock value. Serious inquiries only. (And no, we won't pay you money, just let you debate in

Well, it seems like dear-free-world is really up the creek here. Dponce80, it turns out, isn't a real Muslims. (He's a Christian, his girlfriend is, however, nominally Muslim.) This isn't good enough for the usually sensationalism goals of blogdom (what can I see, we need hits.)

He's very good at empatizing with (some) Muslim viewpoints, as you've already noticed in his posts here and on his blog.

However, let's face, this is the blogosphere. We need sensational content. (Better yet, accurate sensational content). A gay Muslim extremist who's studied under bin Laden would be a welcome addition to blog. (A straight Muslim extremist wouldn't quite have enough shock value. If you can think you can fake it, we won't ask too many questions, though.)

Hey, I'm a patriotic American. I don't want to die in some terrorist plot. So I'd probably report you to the authorities. But, trust me, I'd only do this after Dear Free World had exploited your story to the max and you weren't useful anymore. You probably take advantage of this and have enough time to fly from whatever hiding place you were in. Not only would it help the blog, but the world would get valuable insights into the current opinions among the gay Muslim extremist terrorist community.

For the humor impaired, this is intended to be sarcasm. If you found offensive, please complain by post this site's URL in as many places as you can. (That's part of my serious point --- the 'winner take all' encourages outrageous behavior. While it is very common today, it is not new. Remember the journalist exploiting Carol Lombard as Hazel Flagg to essentially manufacture news in the 1929 early color film classic, Racketeer/Nothing sacred?)

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