Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Alexandra Kerry discusses controversial dress

Kerry's Daughter Alexandra discusses her recent wardrobe malfunction in an interview in Harper's Bazaar (Reuters Article). The controversial "see-through" dress was actually quite conservative, according to A. Kerry.

It "did not withstand the impact of 3,500 flashbulbs," however. "Because of the dark world of the Internet, I'm told there are now entire Web pages dedicated to my breasts," the 30-year-old actress and filmmaker is quoted as saying. "You gotta love the Internet."

Yes, I think we had one of those web pages. [Not quite -- there was actually a lot of substance hidden in that article.]

Yes, Alexandra, I think you must love the Internet, for you've made quite a splash and I think that's what you must have intended.

It sounds like Alexandra Kerry is trying to blame the whole thing on just another wardrobe malfunction. I think we'll drop our usual anti-Bush bias here to give some criticism where it is deserved.

Come on. Hollywood is the de facto fashion capital of the world. (No, sorry, Paris, your status is just a myth.) Hollywood knows clothes. At one point, all of the studio heads and Hollywood moguls were former NYC haberdashers. They could hire out for expertise in acting, set design, stories, makeup, and photography, but the one rare skill a Hollywood studio head needed to know during the golden age was how to make a woman photograph her best in clothing appropriate to the storyline.

Alexandra Kerry is a Hollywood film director. She must have known exactly what she was doing. In that business (like designing web sites) controvesy (and see-through dresses) bring interests, hits, and career success. She knows this. And her career demands that she know clothing, and how clothing photographs. It's almost inconceivable that whoever consulting with her and ultimately sold her a dress for an important Hollywood-related awards ceremony wouldn't have considerable experience making similar dresses for similar important occasions, and wouldn't know the impact of flashbulbs on their product.

Of course, if Alexandra Kerry were especially devious (and I now think she likely is), she would order a conservative-looking dress that was known to be unable to withstand 3,500 flashbulbs. (I will point out she wasn't wearing anything underneath the dress in the area in question.)

That way, she would both get the attention (good for her film directing career) and have plausible deniability. Very tricky. But she should have considered the impact of all of this on her father's presidential campaign a little more closely. "Don't make no waves, don't back no losers" as they say. Alexandra Kerry made waves with this dress.

We now return to our regularly scheduled anti-Bush bias.