Saturday, July 03, 2004

"Babe photo war" declared in blogosphere

In case you needed to take a break from the breaking news earlier today out of Iraq, the death of Marlon Brando, or tomorrow's planned fourth of July fireworks (here in the U.S.), feminists will be outraged and some of my male readers may be pleased to note that three popular blogs may have just declared the start of a heated "babe photo war."

The blogosphere babe photo war may have started with these racy fashion shots of Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears, apparently originally taken from the website of a British tabloid.

Or, perhaps it started on June 29th with these apparently very popular photos on Thomas Gavin's website of Debra Lafave, who turned herself in for having relations with a student.

(Actually, DFW dabbled briefly in babe photos with the babes shown in this article on U.S. Iraq policy. In general, DFW is, of course, completely above posting babe photos. Probably, anyway. Although we did do a music review of Katie Melua, who is something of a babe. But that was a music review. And, we definitely did link this video clip of an Irish News Lass Babe throughly outgunning Bush in an interview. But that was news.)

Oliver Wills responded by linking shots of TechTV babe Megann Webb on his blog.

Wizbang countered by posting this revealing shot of actress Lindsey Lohan's rather enhanced figure, which brought audience comments like "The missiles are flying. Hallelujah. -- Alah." BTW, it is Lindsay Lohan's 18th birthday today; happy birthday.

In Search of Utopia expressed outrage that Wizbang and Oliver Wills were "outbabing" him. Declaring a blog "babe war", In Search of Utopia fired a shot across the bow of the other blogs by posting these photos of three hot babes.

Apparently not intimidated, Wizbang responded later today with this shot of the new tennis babe, Maria Sharapova.

These appear to be the opening phases of a much larger campaign of mutually assured babe photo blog destruction. Stay tuned. ;)