Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Babe Wars move into politics

One of the most popular articles of all-time on this blog was that of the Babe Photo Wars, which ultimately was linked from the web site of a widely-syndicated talk radio program. The Babe Photo Wars tracked an international incident involving blogs of various nation in a "war" to post as many photos of hot babes as possible, including: Christina Aguilera, Brittany Spears, Debra Lafave, Katie Melua, Megann Webb, Lindsey Lohan, Sheryl Crow, the Dixie Chicks, and many more. It's time for an update --- the blog babe photo wars have now drifted over into politics.

Before the smoke had cleared, many other blogs had joined in beyond those listed in the posts, comments, and trackbacks to the original Babe War on this site.

But since these were mainly political blogs, it's natural that the babe wars have drifted over into politics and the U.S. presidential race: Which of the two major candidates has the hottest babes for daughters?

My highly accurate East Coast sources (citing the Yale University tabloid newspaper Rumpus, reliably quoted here) inform me that Barbara Bush once created a scare on the East Coast. She reportedly sneaking away at least once from her ever-present Secret Service bubble to have a drink at the popular New Haven dance bar Toad's Place near Yale with a fake ID. She was stopped by a bouncer; this site claims to have the scanned copy.

However, the consensus opinion is that Jenna Bush, who attended college in Texas, was by the far the wilder one. You may recall her troubles with the law, which made national headlines.

Wizbang once again leads off, with supposedly the best photos of both the Bush and Kerry daughters. Wizbang argues the Bush daughters are hotter, and offers a on-line poll for readers. The American Mind agreed, adding more photos. [2004/07/29: Correction: The American Mind says you heard the story first from them! CNN has now picked up the story and linked them; congradulations!] As before, In Search of Utopia disagrees, and argues the Kerry daughters are the slightly hotter babes.

I will weigh in by saying that the Kerry daughters are more substantial than the Bush daughters. Jenna Bush is going to be an elementary school teacher. Vanessa Kerry, on the other hand, is in medical school, while the other Kerry daughter is a film director photographed at Cannes.

You'll hear from the Kerry daughters again. They inherited their father's studiousness. (The Bush daughters seem to have inherited their father's alcoholism.)

This may be part of the problem. More confident, they are directing their own publicity photos. Kerry's film director daughter no doubt thought she knew what she was doing, running around in France with a see-through dress. She didn't.

The Bush daughters, while more problematic children, clearly got the benefit of high-priced PR consultants, with a roll-out in Vogue.

What Kerry needs to do is hire the same type of consulting talent to manage the image of his daughters. Why shouldn't they get a roll-out in Vogue as well? Made-up properly they can compete in looks (though a few years older), and they are more interesting and solid people IMHO that Bush's daughters.

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