Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dcoumentary to document Fox News bias

It is being widely reported (Guardian article) that Hollywood director Robert Greenwald is making a documentary film entitled Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism that aims to document the right-wing bias in (the U.S. Cable T.V. network) Fox News' reporting (Available on DVD from Amazon.com)

As has been discussed here in DFW in the past, respected journalist Bill Moyers of the PBS T.V. Newsprogram Now has previously contended that Rupert Murdoch's powerful News Corp. actually owns more radio and TV stations in some areas than allowed under federal FCC guidelines (transcript). According to Moyers, The Bush-controlled FCC is overlooking these violations, in part because of News Corp's much reported right-wing bias ("Fair and Balanced" journalism, as Fox News claims). Another reason for the right-wing bias is no doubt that Rupert Murdoch and many of his employees are prominent Republicans, and Rupert Murdoch is aware that cable T.V. news subscribers then to be wealthier, and hence more conservative, than the average citizen. The U.S. PBS T.V. network's Frontline series has also done stories on Murdoch's supposed right-wing bias (transcript).

"Fair and Balanced" Fox News has considerable influence in the blogosphere through support and contractual agreements with some of the biggest names in blogging.

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