Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Islamic Militants Execute Bulgarian captive

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Most recent update: 2004/07/17: Record Internet Traffic Due to Gory Video Resurfacing.

Most recent related story: 2004/07/15 (and later updates): Bulgarian captive beheading video released to Al Jazeera.

Original July 13, 2004 Post:

Here we go again. Reuters is reporting a Bulgarian has been executed by Islamic militants, who vow to execute a second Bulgarian in a matter of days. Reuters reports Al Jazeera has the propaganda videotape, but decided not to broadcast it because it was "too graphic" this time even for Al Jazeera. Presumably it will make its way to the web at some point, anyway.

Update: 2004/07/15: CNN is reporting that a beheaded body in an orange jumper suit (mocking the orange jumper suit worn by U.S. prisoners in Iraq) has been found and is currently thought most likely to be that of the Bulgarian earlier reported executed on the extremely graphic Al Jazeera videotape.

No propaganda videotape yet available on the Internet AFAIK, but check Dear Free World homepage for the latest updates on all important stories. (See comments for my discussion with Nick of Netpolitik on possible U.S. counter-proganda, which would include fake militant websites involving "black propaganda" to confuse press and demoralize the enemy; this may have already been done in the case of the earlier Marine.

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