Friday, July 16, 2004

Jessica Simpson reportedly has Genius IQ

As I've long suspected, it turns out Jessica Simpson is probably pretty smart.
Jessica Simpson's mother now is claiming Jessical Simpson has an IQ well
within the genius range. (Children with an IQ as high as the mother claims
will often attend college a few years early.)

You have to suspicious of anyone making millions while claiming to think that "Chicken of the Sea" tuna was actually a brand of chicken -- and make that blunder very publically on a live reality T.V. show. If she were as dumb as she pretended she'd be cheated left and right; celebrities in that salary range are magnets for all sorts of unscrupulous people. I wonder how much "Chicken of the Sea" paid for that obvious "product placement" commerical -- an embaressing blunder that, most likely, was actually a T.V. commerical.

Then again, going around saying your famously stupid celebrity daughter has a genius-range IQ is another good way to promote your daughters career. Asside from making millions, Jessica isn't showing any of the other characteristics that would normally come with an IQ as high as the mother claims (such as attending a selective college a few years early), so we should take that exact number with a grain of salt.

Jessica Simpson probably isn't the next Einstein, but she's probably a shrewd manager of her own career. And she clearly feels her career is in need of even more publicity, which is why her mother is probably now claiming she's a genius. (But I personally think Jessica Simpson has more than enough publicity, which is why I'm not going to link any of my source articles for this story. Alfred Hitchcock once said, "be cruel to your audience", and that's exactly what I'm going to do in this post. No easy Jessica Simps pics for you.)