Wednesday, July 14, 2004

LA crime beat: Priceless Beatles songs suitcase reappears under suspicious circumstances

It has been widely reported that an English tourist purchased a suitcase for A$40 (currently USD$29) at a fleamarket in a small Australian town because he realized it was not empty. When he opened it, it contained rare, never before heard versions of Beatles songs, including 4 hours of Paul and John discussing alternate versions of one song.

"Experts" believe the suitcase may be that of Beatles sound engineer Mal Evans, whose suitcase vanished after he was shot by LA police in 1976.

Unpublished music sheets from Mal Evan's Beatles collection have previously sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so this Beatles collection (if authenticated) would likely be worth millions.

And it all just turned up in a suitcase at a flea market in Australia. That the seller didn't bother opening and examining before selling. After vanishing (i.e., being stolen) from a crime scene in LA two decades ago.

Sure. Right. Anything they say. Anyone else suspicious that this might actually have been a black market purchase of stolen Beatles goods?