Sunday, July 18, 2004

Record traffic due to gory video resurfacing

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Update: July 21, 2004: Internet traffic again surges as Reuters reports Paul Johnson's head has been discovered in a refrigerator. Also, Reuters is reporting six foreign workers have been taken hostage, and militants threaten to execute within the next 72 hours if their demands are not met.

Original July 18, 2004 Post:

I tried to figure out why my web traffic was up so much today. Reuters is reporting (as of two hours ago) that the (extremely graphic) video of Paul Johnson's beheading surfaced on an Islamic militant website today. This is old hat! The video was posted for the benefit of members on a Corporate Security Intelligence site (i.e., it provides intelligence for companies doing business in Middle East, who presumably would have an interest in doing this.)

That firm provided a link to a free site, a Florida radio station run by one of the right-wing media giants I occasionally rant about for being in bed with Bush-controlled FCC.

They posted it (despite the huge bandwidth charges it undoubtedly cost them) free of charge, presumably because they believed (probably quite correctly) that this would be good for the Republicans.

I'm reluctant to post any of these links here because it will probably take down someone's website given the interest. It's just another violent video. (There are plenty of descriptions and still photos in the discussion on the many blog sites I linked in my earlier post here: Latest beheading video especially graphic.

I don't understand why people are so excited about this video reappearing; this is old hat.

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