Thursday, July 15, 2004

When did we Americans become such poor diplomats?

Brett Marston has a story quoting a Times of India on a how a senior Indian diplomat no longer likes coming to Washington DC after being repeatedly strip searched here. I have my own stories of de-facto harassment due to pure TSA stupidity at U.S. airports. This why we need an improved system using biometric, pre-clearance, and data-mining.

Update 2004/07/16: It is being widely reported that the government has decided to scrap the controversial CAPPS II data-mining system that would have been used by the U.S. TSA to screen passengers at airports. The move was widely hailed by civil liberties groups, which complained that the system was inaccurate, confusing similar-sounding names, and there was potentially no way to get off a watch list once on one. This leaves the original CAPPS I system in place, which is even less accurate.