Sunday, August 15, 2004

Bush reportedly to showcase militarism at convention

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Bush plans to announce formally his troop rotation plan at the Republican National Convention, where he will reportedly present himself (IMHO rather arrogantly given he lost us the World Trade Center) as the only candidate who can keep America safe. In my lost post, responding to the Republic T.V. ad in battleground states in which Bush (incredibly) takes credit for the triumph of the Olympic movement, I made references to Leni Riefenstahl and filming the convention as if it were a Wagernian opera, with its orchestrated sheep mentality-inducing crowd of worshiping militarists. If this Washington Post report turns out to be true, this promises to be an unusually miltaristic convention even by Republican standards -- the aircraft carrier photo I scanned in from Republican literature on the convention in one of my earlier postings here was no joke, and, in fact, the Republican "Insider's Club" will have "briefing" events on that aircraft carrier museum off of NYC.

Some analysts had been expected the Republicans to "cross-dress" their party in response to consultants and polls indicating public perception of the party's weak area. (Polls show Americans already trust Democrats more on social issues, so the Democrats showcased up their foreign policy expertise at their convention. Some analysts predicted Republicans would do the same, by showcasing their domestic social agenda, like they did in their last convention by paying lip service to a disappointing medical care reform bills, faith-based entitlements to conservative religious organizations (Christian so far only AFAIK), compassionate conservatism (e.g. start various unnecessary wars), and an "inclusive" token representation of minorities at the Republican that caused some analysts to label it the "Stepford convention.))

But Bush's domestic agenda has little to showcase. He's got his regressive tax cuts, which soaked the middle class (state taxes went up across the nation as the bills for extra security and a weak economy came home to roast, while Bush's federal tax cuts were designed to mainly benefit the rich). He claims they made "a strong economy stronger", but this seems, as usual with Bush campaign slogans, completely disconnected from reality, as the latest job figures showed very anemic job growth figures far below that considered as "strong" by economists.

In the past, reality has stopped Bush from using ridiculous campaign slogans, such as the one I just quoted about the economy being "stronger" under Bush, the infamous "mission accomplished" while the war in Iraq seems only to intensify, &c.

As Bush said in November of 2000, "the misunderestimated [sic me]." And so it wouldn't surprise if this is just an attempt by the Bush campaign to lower expectations of the convention. Despite the bad domestic news, the Republican convention might not be the fascist, militaristic, Wagnerian-opera spectacle that everyone is expecting.

But if it is, and Bush does make the arrogant boast that man who held office while we lost the World Center Center is the only one who can keep America safe, we will, of course, have the best blogger coverage of the Republican National Convention. (Already had, with the scanned Republican literature, with the media networks were respectfully refraining from showing. And insightful comparisons of Karl Rove's media strategy at staged political events with the media skills of Leni Riefenstahl) And the best parodies as well.

And we will have complete coverage of over heart-pounding urgent terror alert based on three-year-old intelligence and terror de-alert designed to ratchet adrenaline levels up and down during the Republican National Convention.

Analysts like "Mr. Fake Republican" and myself will revenge the 2000 fraud and for the AM talk radio coverage of the Democratic convention, I promise you.