Sunday, August 29, 2004

Record numbers protest GOP convention in NYC

It is being widely reported today that a record number of protestors marched in NYC to protest Bush's candidacy for re-election at the Republican convention there. The New York Times reported earlier today (with dateline August 30th due to time differences) that the organizers estimates of a crowd of 500,000 protestors was likely accurate, citing a city official, speaking on condition of anonymity, that the estimate was likely accurate. That would make today's protests one of the largest in the city's history according to the times, equally or exceeding a record 1982 anti-nuclear march that also drew a half-million. The story pushed the Olympic closing ceremony off all of the major news outlets, except Fox, which, in its usually slanted coverage, severly downplayed the largely peaceful record protests, as it desperately sought other newsstories to distract from their boy Bush's extreme unpopularity.

I don't recall Reagan or Bush Senior drawing this crowd at their conventions. I guess Bush really is a uniter, not a divider, as he promised to be.

I have to hand it Fox News, which barely mentions the protests, except in its headline, preferring to concentrate on the doings of the Republicans around town, except for a brief mention of the protests again, in which it downplayed them, suggesting they were only a few hundred thousand rather than the organizers' and New York Time's unofficial estimate of 500,000 or more than twice the number predicted by conference organizers.

This sort of thing is really to be expected in view of vote fraud that occured in Florida in 2000.

Recall the bogus felon list, 95% inaccurate, which, in absence of a provisional ballot rule like most other states have, disqualified hundreds of thousands of Gore-supporting African-Americans when the margin was around victory. This ignores the infamous butterfly ballot, the long lines and chad-filled machines in African American districts, the wrong punch needles used in some African American districts, and so on. Jeb Bush's Florida Republicans tried another 95% inaccurate felon list again this year, only to have it thrown out by a judge for the obvious attempt at election fraud that it was. It proves they are at it again, nationwide. And this year we've got the controversial Diebold machines as well.

Normally people express this type of pent-up frustration at the ballot box rather than in the protest march. But when you've got the theft of a presidential election through massive, multi-state vote fraud, coupled with a right-wing Republica media empire (Exhibit One: Fox News) that choses to censor these issues and squelsh the voice of those feeling disenfranchised, political expression has to take other avenues like the protest march.

In the unlikely event George W. Bush should win re-election, God forbid, one can expect to see a rain of further protest marches and even more fiery demonstrations, as people look to find an alternative means of inducing political change and airing their political views now that the ballot box and free press appear to have been compromised.

Tomorrow: convention coverage beings in earnest.