Saturday, August 07, 2004

S.F. man says gory video hoax was political statement

I can always tell a beheading video has been released when my Internet traffic surges. Reuters is reporting the beheading video broadcast earlier today on Arab television was a hoax. Its San Fransisco-based creator taped the "beheading" of a motionless head with a knife, then spiced up the video with video footage taken from an actual militant website, including a background of a man reading the Koran. He then degraded the video quality to make it match the low quality of the other such videos that have been released.

He says he did it to make a political statement and "test the system" to find out how quality the fake video would spread. Arab television immediately broadcast it as authentic. He makes a pretty good point that the American's public morbid fascination with these videos (often spread domestically by media outlets with a right-wing agenda) is ridiculous.

As they say in the Bay Area, you've been punk'd folks. It was a hoax. Sorry.

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