Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Colin Powell accuses U.S. of taking a step back from Democracy (humor)

[PARODY OF TODAY'S COLIN POWELL/RUSSIA STORY.] Responding to domestic US concerns that the GOP was using terrorism as an excuse to consolidate its hold on power through media concentration and broken voting machines, Colin Powell said today: "We understand the need to fight against terrorism . . . but in an attempt to go after terrorists I think one has to strike a proper balance to make sure that you don't move in a direction that takes you away from the democratic reforms or the democratic process." The US Secretary of State remarks referred to attempts by Republicans to increase their domestic influence by allowing Republican-aligned media organizations to control a greater share of US media markets than allowed under current US law.

Powell also expressed concerns about the Diebold voting machines, which have lack a voter-verifiable paper trail and have been widely-criticized by experts as being wide-open to fraud. Republicans reportedly wrote the Help America Vote Act in such a way as to make major Republican campaign-contributor Diebold one of the view voting machine vendors eligible for purchase by states under federal funds; key executives in the Diebold firm are known to be enthusiastic supporters of the GOP, and promised writing that they were "committed" to "delivering" the electoral votes of Ohio to the GOP. They now say they regret the wording of the letter.

Powell's remarks may also have referred to the gerrymandering of congressional districts in a number of states with legislatures under GOP control to ensure a GOP victory in the House of Representatives this fall.

Powell may have also been referring to the corrupting influence of large amounts of Saudi oil money into U.S. politics by means of business partnerships with U.S. defense and anti-terrorism firms, such as the Carlisle and Halliburton firms that the President's family and Vice President have been actively involved in. The inflows of foreign cash into supposed business relationships may have reduced the influence of domestic business concerns, weaking the U.S. democratic infrastructure.

Republicans reportedly used the constant terror alerts and "war" issues to distract voters while they consolidated their domestic power.

Powell stressed the need to make greater strides back towards democracy in the United States in spite of the "war" on terror.